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"Walking: the Changes" now available

After more than a year of revisions, creative photography sessions on Linda's ranch, and many meetings in Hermosa's coffee shop, our book "Walking: the Changes" was released on March 1, 2023.

With over 60 poems by Linda M. Hasselstrom, and accompanied by photographs by James W. Parker, the book will be a treasure for your library. 

Linda, born and raised in South Dakota, describes the ordinary and the unobserved in her everyday life, with images drawn from the spare, sere grasses of the prairie. In the words of fellow South Dakotan, Ann Haber Stanton: 

"It takes a poet to 'watch the spruce trees bow, ladylike, their skirts a gentle shimmy,' or to simply learn how to exit the world gracefully from a dying friend.

Every photograph that accompanies these poems is a love song to a memory. James finds beauty in the past and we find stories without words. Who lived here and how did they get here? What did they do and why did they leave? They left parts of themselves behind as weather and time gradually erode what remains. That cartwheel says so much. His photographs appear in several of his own books while enlarged copies decorate the walls of some fortunate homeowners.

Two poets, one with photographs, one with words, both children of western South Dakota who understand this landscape, have collaborated to produce a lovely book filled with compassion, humility, and gentle humor."

— Ann Haber Stanton, November 2022

Signed copies available by ordering from the website, or order on Amazon.