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The image above is from last year's photo expeditions. I took my pickup camper on a shakedown cruise up to the Thumb. Saw the basketball hoop out of the corner of my eye, and wondered what happened to the kids who used to play there. View "Lofty Dreams" and "Forgotten Dreams" in the Road Trip 2020 gallery.

Summer's Almost Here!

While shows are still tentatively booked for the warm months, you might be looking for some personalized advice, or recommendations on a key photograph for a special space. I'm also available for private workshops on photography, printing, and framing. Book a free session through my online calendar, or just call.

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Road Trip 2020
Last year's photographic expeditions were a success. From Upper Michigan to the Black Hills and back through the Sand Hills of Nebraska, enjoy a virtual road trip with me. The image above is representative of the new work; take a look at the full gallery.

"Southwestern Sojourn" Now Available on Amazon
For those with no wall space, but a keen desire for adventure, how about a signed first edition of my new book "Southwestern Sojourn"? With only a few of the original version left, the book chronicles my epic adventure through the American Southwest. Beautiful pictures and text. Signed by the author. You might find my other books of interest, as well. Unsigned copies of the revised "Southwestern Sojourn" are available on Amazon, in both hardcover and softcover, for a more affordable price than the limited signed edition. If you use these Amazon links, please know that, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Guestbook for parkerparker :: design | photography
Karen Hagerty(non-registered)
We LOVE your work, and our purchases of "A Shave and a Haircut", "Red Door" and "Summer's End". We have a family wedding coming up and may wish to purchase another "Summer's End" as a gift for the couple. Is that still available?
Steve Nelson(non-registered)
Just saw that you were back in Houston this spring at Bayou City Art Festival. Sorry to have missed you ... we were out of town that weekend. Hope it went well and that you'll be back again for the next one (this fall??). Your work is beautiful. Best regards ...
Donna Turchi(non-registered)
We bought the red door and the gray door at the Peoria Art show, and absolutely love them! Such a great eye.
Charles Wooldridge(non-registered)
Levi was so excited about the tire hot-tub image that he was jumping up and down.


Charles W.
Diane S(non-registered)
Beautiful website, and, as always, beautiful photography!