Karen Hagerty(non-registered)
We LOVE your work, and our purchases of "A Shave and a Haircut", "Red Door" and "Summer's End". We have a family wedding coming up and may wish to purchase another "Summer's End" as a gift for the couple. Is that still available?
Steve Nelson(non-registered)
Just saw that you were back in Houston this spring at Bayou City Art Festival. Sorry to have missed you ... we were out of town that weekend. Hope it went well and that you'll be back again for the next one (this fall??). Your work is beautiful. Best regards ...
Donna Turchi(non-registered)
We bought the red door and the gray door at the Peoria Art show, and absolutely love them! Such a great eye.
Charles Wooldridge(non-registered)
Levi was so excited about the tire hot-tub image that he was jumping up and down.


Charles W.
Diane S(non-registered)
Beautiful website, and, as always, beautiful photography!
Your work is amazing. I miss the days of Mouseholm
Jim B.(non-registered)
Saw the oil cans and barn with weathered tongue and groove siding - your work is wonderful.
I'll be calling soon.
John S(non-registered)
Saw you & your work at the C-bus arts fest. Love your work. Strikes a chord with places we seen on the road.
R Griffin(non-registered)
Looking for photo of Red Knapps saw you in Denver... Awesome work!
jackie key(non-registered)
I look every once and a while to just recall my happiness in having been there so long ago and shared it all with Wat and Olga, especially on this sad day.
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